School Lessons for Teachers

For grades 7 - 12

  • Designed for teachers to engage youth in traffic safety education and discussion.
  • All resources are included.
  • Curriculum links indentified in health, CALM, ICT, science, social studies and language.


Why is Traffic Safety Important for Youth?

Driving a vehicle requires significant practice and skill to master. In fact, it takes 1000 hours behind the wheel to see an improvement in skill in new drivers.

While new drivers are learning these skills, they are at a higher risk to crash and to be injured or killed.

Several behaviors can be encouraged to keep our youth safe on the roads. These training modules focus on different positive behaviors that can be learned. Encouraging youth to learn and practice these behaviors will decrease their risk on the road.

What is included in these Resources?

There are five sets of lessons included on this website:

The lessons have curriculum links that are identified (Science, Health, Social Studies, CALM, ICT & Language).

  • All the resources are included - you may have to prepare copies or gather a few common items to complete the task.
  • Each module has a PowerPoint presentation, a lesson plan, additional activities and a list of required materials.
  • The lessons have different time requirements but are clearly identified.
  • A list of resources is also included for further information on the topic.

How to use these Resources

Our wish is for these resources to be used in all of Alberta's schools to help keep our youth safe on our roads and throughout all aspects of their lives. Take these resourcees for a spin in your classroom - and tell us what you think.

Email feedback to: [email protected]


  • Implement the lessons into your regular classes.
  • Use the resources on a student conference day.
  • Encourage students to model positive behavior for their peers.
  • Take the class lesson into the whole schoo. - plan a school activity that raises awareness on traffic safety.
  • Pair your class up with the SADD group in the school plan traffic safety awareness activities.
  • Invite community traffic resource personnel into your classroom.
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